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How do I wash and prepare my nappies?
You can find our full washing instructions here.

Why choose Pikapú?
The Pikapú “original” modern cloth nappy is an All-in-One (AIO) size adjustable nappy. As the name suggests it is a complete nappy system with layered absorbency and a water resistant barrier. The outer polyester fabric is laminated in polyurethane to create a water resistant barrier. Inside, comfortable microfleece layers wick moisture away from baby drawing it into the highly absorbent microfibre and bamboo core. The Pikapú nappy is loaded with features yet simple, quick and easy to use. Even better, it dries super quickly making it easier to use and care for. Many mums, dads, grandparents and other carers reach first for their Pikapús because of this.

How many will you need?
A newborn will use around 8–10 nappies per day. As the child gets older you’ll need around 5–6 per day.

With 18–24 nappies you’ll only need to wash every 2–3 days. Like anything you wear often, Pikapú nappies will show some wear and tear. The more nappies you have in rotation the longer they will all last, enabling you to use them for a second or even third child if cared for correctly.

How do I adjust the size of the nappies?
Adjust buttons on front to set the nappy size to extra small, small, medium or large. Place nappy under baby, pull front panel up and use velcro to fasten. For extra absorbency an additional booster can be placed in between the layers of the nappy.

Pikapú nappy sizings

What are the benefits of cloth nappies?
Cloth nappies are becoming a popular option as they save money in comparison to the disposable alternative. The environment also benefits from the reduced waste of choosing reusable nappies and accessories. As an added bonus, cloth nappies are gentle on babies’ skin with no chemicals and they’re much less likely to cause any adverse reactions.