Grab 6 Nappies for $100

Day Pack Deal
Day Pack Deal
Day Pack Deal

Day Pack Deal

Regular price $179.70 $100.00 Sale

Grab 6 Pikapu Nappies in AIO or AI2 or A mix for only $100. We are also including a Pikapu booster in each order. 

If you choose a mixed pack you will receive 3 AIO Nappies and 3 AI2 Nappies. 

Why choose Pikapu? 

  • Double Gusset
  • Velcro Closure
  • Fast Drying
  • Easy to use
  • Great fit even on bigger toddlers

Boy Pack includes these prints: Pineapple, Stag, Rainbow, Green, Blue & Charcoal

Girl Pack includes: Pineapple, Stag, Rainbow, Purple, Crimson &Teal. 

Neutral Pack includes: Pineapple, Stag, Rainbow, Gold, Red & Teal. 

Each packs prints are set and no changes can be made.